About Resistance Books

Resistance Books is a non-profit, progressive book publisher and distributor.

We specialise in books and pamphlets of interest to the left and progressive movements, all in cheap and accessible editions. These titles take up questions of history, analysis, theory, strategy and tactics in the struggle for fundamental social change.

Resistance Books aims to publish both a range of the classic works of Marxism and socialism as well as titles dealing with contemporary issues from a radical perspective, all in cheap and accessible editions. Currently we have around 90 titles in print, roughly half books and the remainder pamphlets. Our Resistance Marxist Library series now stands at 20 titles.

All this is a very considerable effort for a small left-wing publisher. We depend on the generosity of our supporters. If you would like to make a donation to help support our publishing work, contact us at Resistance Books.

All Resistance Books titles are listed on this website. In addition, we also carry a number of other items from various sources that we think may be of interest to those visiting us.

The titles and merchandise listed here can be purchased by credit card through this website. Alternatively, a greater or lesser selection of these items can be obtained from the bookshops at the various Activist and Resistance Centres around the country.

For further details see Ordering Information.