Apostles of Greed


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Privatisation, the tax revolt and globalism have all served the interests of a wealth-owning minority to the detriment of the vast majority, and it is free market theory that has masked the control of cooperative economic activity by wealth owners. Beginning with the roots of market theory, in the work of Mandeville, Locke and Smith, Allan Engler contrasts the myth of the individual in the market with the reality of the modern corporation, with oligopoly and with oligarchic domination of social life. Reaganism, Thatcherism, Mulroneyism and other neo-conservative propositions and prejudices are examined, as is the assault on Keynesianism. Controversial and inspiring, Apostles of Greed makes a bold case for an alternative of social ownership, individual initiative and market forces in which economic democracy would overcome the self-centred greed of corporate capitalism.

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