Behind the Cold War on China


China today is under relentless attack by the United States and its allies (including Australia). Chinese companies like Huawei are being targeted and Chinese investments blocked on spurious ‘national security’ grounds.

With Washington seeing China as its number one adversary, there is a very real danger that the present ‘cold war’ might become a catastrophic military conflict.

The Chinese regime may not be very nice but that is not the reason for the anti-China push. This is a cold-war campaign being waged by US imperialism and its allies aimed at isolating and weakening China.

This campaign goes back to the victory of the revolution in 1949 but has been driven to a new level by the obvious growing economic, technological and military power of China — especially relative to the United States, which is no less clearly in decline.

The articles in this pamphlet seek to explain the current anti-China hysteria and refute the facile myths peddled by Western governments and their media enablers.

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