Behind the Genocide in Gaza: Palestine, Zionism, Israeli Apartheid & Antisemitism


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Israel’s genocidal war against Gaza has shocked the world. What lies behind this murderous campaign?

Ever since its establishment in 1948, Israel has been enveloped in a thick fog of propaganda myths, spread by both its Zionist rulers and Western imperialism which supports it fanatically.

The reality is that Israel is a capitalist settler-colonial state, founded on the dispossession of the Palestinian people who have been waging a just struggle ever since to regain their homeland.  And far from providing a safe haven for the Jewish people, Israel is necessarily in permanent conflict with the whole Arab world.

This pamphlet provides essential background information and analysis for understanding Israel’s war on Gaza and the Palestinian people’s long struggle for self-determination. It takes up the key questions that the Western corporate media never clarify:

  •  Why does Western imperialism, including Australia, defend Israel in the face of one ghastly atrocity after another?
  • What is Zionism? How did the Zionists steal a whole country and subjugate the Palestinian people?
  • How does Israeli apartheid actually work on the ground?
  • How Israel and its supporters to have weaponised charges of antisemitism in an attempt to marginalise and destroy supporters of Palestine.

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