Behind the US War on Afghanistan


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Washington’s war on Afghanistan did not begin in 2001, following the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

It started in early 1978, when a radical leftist government came to power in Kabul. The new regime proclaimed land reform, women’s rights and other popular democratic measures.

The US rulers set about to overthrow it and to suck the Soviet Union into a debilitating and costly conflict.
The bloody struggle begun by Washington has lasted for over 23 years and has devastated this already poor and backward country.

The US created the brutal mujaheddin “freedom fighters”; the anti-communist fanatic Osama bin Laden was on their payroll; it helped Pakistan create the vicious Taliban.

When the terrorists they had created bit their master’s hand, Washington once more intervened in Afghanistan, not to liberate the suffering people, but to create a more amenable regime and assert its role as the world’s only superpower.

This pamphlet explains the truth about Washington’s “war on terrorism” – in reality a war on the people of the world to defend the global empire of the US corporate rich.

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