Bludgers in Grass Castles


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Imagine that a small group of business people dominated by a few large foreign companies convinced the government to give them control over most of the national landmass, for which they pay token rents.

Suppose that they exterminated indigenous people living there, then coerced the labour of the survivors, destroyed their sacred sites, exterminated wildlife, cut down forests, eroded the soil, fouled waterways and caused desertification.

Suppose they persuaded the government to provide access roads, dams, railways, ports, easy credit, free advice and a host of other subsidies.

Suppose that for the huge area of land degraded they manage to produce what could have been produced on one tenth of the land area.

Suppose that after all this they demand that the government allow them to acquire freehold title to this land, and so frustrate Aboriginal attempts to reclaim their legitimate native title rights.

Now stop imagining. This is the real history of the pastoral industry in Australia, and especially Queensland.

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