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This is a critical exploration of Israel’s curfew-closure-policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territories through the eyes of CheckpointWatch, an organisation of Israeli women monitoring human rights abuses. It combines observers’ reports from checkpoints and along the Separation Wall, with information and analysis of the bureaucracy supporting the ongoing occupation and the wider project of ethnic-cleansing. It critically reviews CheckpointWatch’s transformation from a feminist, radical protest movement and analyses Israeli media representation of the organisation and of human rights activism in general. The author contends that the dilemmas that women activists face, torn between opposition to the occupation and loyalty to the state, reflect political divisions within Israel society as a whole. Contents: Contents Foreword by Amira Hass Introduction Part I: The Context Chapter 1: Occupation Chapter 2: Bearing Witness Part II: The Checkpoints Chapter 3: The Gateway to Hell Chapter 4: The Annexation Wall Part III: The Observers Chapter 5: Dilemmas of Witnessing Chapter 6: Representation Chapter 7: Conclusion Appendices 1. Checkpoints Observed 2001-05 2: Complaints Filed in 2004/3. Monthly digest, November 2004 References Index

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