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Frank revelations from the CIA on plans to assassinate Fidel Castro Only recently declassified and published for the first time, this secret report was prepared for the CIA’s director general Richard Helms on plots to assassinate Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Under pressure in 1967 when the media were probing the alliance with the Mafia in these murderous schemes, the CIA produced this remarkably frank, single copy report stamped "secret-eyes only." Although this report reads very much like a spy novel, it is far from fiction and, in fact, portrays a crude reality. The report points to "five separate phases in Agency assassination planning," and comments: "This reconstruction of Agency involvement in plans to assassinate Fidel Castro is at best an imperfect history. Because of the extreme sensitivity of the operations being discussed or attempted, as a matter of principle no official records were kept of planning, approvals, or of implementation. "It became clear very early in our investigation that the vigor with which schemes were pursued within the Agency to eliminate Castro personally varied with the intensity of the US Government’s efforts to overthrow the Castro regime." Included in this book is an exclusive commentary by Division General Fabi

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