Cuba As Alternative

Cuba as Alternative

An Introduction to Cuba's Socialist Revolution
Neville Spencer et al
Published by Resistance Books
2000, 116pp, ISBN: 1876646063, Paperback


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Cuba is generally portrayed by the media in the capitalist world as a repressive communist dictatorship. However information about Cuba’s political and electoral system or its social and economic achievements is effectively censored by the same media. In fact, Cuba is a country with extensive democratic rights not found in the capitalist world; its free health care service and education system are better than in many wealthy First World countries; it has made enormous strides in eliminating racism, sexism and homophobia; it has outstanding achievements in reversing environmental degradation and alternative energy use; and its economic system stands out from any other Third World nation in providing for the wellbeing of its people. This collection of articles aims to challenge some popular myths about Cuba by providing some substantive information. It also aims to show that Cuba is not only not the repressive dictatorship that the media would have us believe, but is an impressive, democratic and humane alternative to the rapacious capitalism that the media defend.

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