Dispatches From Palestine


Since its signing in 1993, the Oslo Agreement has been the key to peace in the Middle East. But, years on, its potential to establish a lasting peace is clearly reaching an end.
This volume examines how the Palestinians and Jews from East Jerusalem themselves view the peace process. Based in Gaza, Graham Usher has witnessed many of the key events in the Middle East since the beginning of the post-Oslo peace process.
This volume draws together in one volume his reports, dispatches, interviews and analytical articles from Gaza. As well as presenting the view of the ordinary Palestinians “on the street”, Usher has also interviewed many of the key players and prominent religious leaders from Palestinian Hamas, Lebanese Hizballah, and Shas (the Shevardic Jews within Israel). The pieces cover such topics as the political and military strategy of Hamas, Hizballah and Fatah under Palestinian autonomy.

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