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Most energy debates are conducted on a mutually exclusive basis. Reforming Energy presents an original and comprehensive analysis of global trends in the energy industries and their implications for the environment, jobs and the community. Peter Colley reveals that, under the increasing dominance of the private sector, energy industries are becoming ever more successful in generating profits, but are simultaneously eliminating their social role and failing to address environmental limits. Reforming Energy provides a plan of action for reforming energy markets and industries to meet employment, social and environmental objectives, with the aim of reducing unemployment and increasing the control people have over their working lives. This is a unique perspective on one of the central dilemmas of sustainable development. Reforming Energy draws on original research from the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers’ Unions (ICEM), an international trade union organisation representing workers in energy, mining, environment, process and materials industries worldwide. Published 1997.

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