Rojava & the Kurdish Fight for Freedom


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The epic and heroic Kurdish defence of the north Syrian town of Kobanê
against the Islamic State (October 2014-January 2015) first brought
Rojava to the attention of the world.

Rojava is a remarkable people’s revolution. It has been marked by an
absolutely unprecedented effort to empower women; a genuine ethnic
and religious pluralism; grassroots democracy based on assemblies and
communes; and a growing ecological concern.

This pamphlet attempts to provide an introduction to the Rojava
Revolution and its struggle to survive in an extremely challenging
situation, threatened by the IS, Turkey and the Assad regime.

But while Rojava is the focus, we also take up the wider Kurdish
question. The Kurds are one people who have been split by imperialism
between four countries and are denied justice and freedom in all of them.

They desperately need the support and solidarity of progressive
people everywhere

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