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Temper Democratic is an irreverent reflection on the idea of a classless Australia – its achievements, its limitations and its opponents. Humphrey McQueen explains why no news is best, scorns a national flag, turns the logic of multiculturalism against ethnic chauvinists and advances a wicked redemption of political correctness. He shears away the gay gene, clear-fells deep ecology and punctures the rhetoric about blood and race. He traces the totalitarianism of advertising through Microsoft, Mass Murdoch, the commoditoy and the covert commercialism of the ABC. McQueen is passionate in his defence of popular sovereignty against the twin lies that globalism is irresistable and that an invisible hand is making us freer, wealthier and wiser. Temper Democratic reminds us why the action of working people is reinvigorating social democracy and why it can preserve civilisation from the barbarism of market forces.

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