The Revolution Deferred


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Martin Murray has written arguably the best book yet about the complicated series of events that followed the 1990 unbanning of the ANC and other liberation movements, and the convoluted political machinations prior to South Africa’s historic 1994 elections. It succinctly sets out the array of political and economic forces that face the African National Congress-led government of national unity (GNU), and the tasks required of it should it seriously attempt to go beyond formal parliamentary democracy and uproot the legacy of apartheid.

For anybody unfamiliar with the nitty-gritty of this significant period in South African politics, the book is an essential primer.

Those who followed events closely as they unfolded will find The Revolution Deferred both an invaluable summary and an insightful attempt to set day-to-day developments of those tumultuous years against the background of the profound social, political and economic evolution that South Africa underwent in the decades preceding the 1990s. This evolution forced the white minority regime to seek a political bargain that allowed capitalism to survive the inevitable coming of majority rule.


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