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The annual World Social Forum has become a key part of the international global justice movement, attracting activists the world round. Here Leite lays out the origins, development, and challenges of this international movement for social, political, and economic justice. "In January 2001, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, 20,000 activists, students, filmmakers–some of the best minds in the world came together to share their experiences and exchange ideas about confronting Empire. That was the birth of the now historic World Social Forum. It was the first, formal coming together of an exciting, anarchic, unindoctrinated, energetic, new kind of Public Power. The rallying cryof the WSF is "Another World is Possible." It has become a platform where hundreds of conversations, debates, and seminars have helped to hone and refine a vision of what kind of world it should be." –Arundhati Roy, author, War Talk "Jose Correa’s book is not only a remarkable historical survey of the origins and development of the World Social Forum, but also a most insightful discussion of the main issues being confronted by the international movement against corporate globalization. An indispensable piece of reading for anybody that wants to understand one of the great social and political inventions of the new century." –Michael Lowy, author, The Theoryof Revolution in the Young Marx JOSE CORREA LEITE is a member of the Secretariat and International Council of the World Social Forum. He is a university professor and member of the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Aid of Citizens (ATTAC). An editor of the journal Em Tempo, Leite co-edited, with Isabel Loureiro and Maria Elisa Cevasco, The Spirit of Porto Alegre.

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