Ukraine Resists! Left Voices on Putin’s War, NATO and the Future of Ukraine (PDF Download)


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The ongoing war triggered by Russian president Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is the most important geopolitical event in decades. Unsurprisingly, it has generated huge challenges for leftists, progressives and democrats, and opened up important discussions on imperialism, self-determination and what international solidarity should look like.

Resistance Books is publishing this unique compilation of interviews with socialists and progressives from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, Britain and the United States, with the aim of listening to those resisting on the frontlines of this war, better understanding their views on the complex situations they face and learning from voices that are rarely heard, particularly in the imperialist West.

Together, these contributions provide invaluable insight into how leftists in different countries are reacting to the challenges of resisting Putin’s war, opposing US-NATO war aims and supporting progressive Ukrainian forces fighting back against their own government’s neoliberal agenda.

They represent an essential guide for socialists and anti-war activists serious about grappling with the Ukraine war and the dangerous realities of the world we are now entering.

Contributors include: Yuliya Yurchenko, Hanna Perekhoda, Vitaliy Dudin, Vladyslav Starodubtsev, Nataliya Levytska, Viktoriia Pihul, Mykhailo Amosov, Daria Saburova, Nataliia Lomonosova, Oleksandr Kyselov, Ilya Matveev, Boris Kagarlitsky, Feminist Anti-War Resistance, Kirill Medvedev, Zofia Malisz, Tobias Drevland Lund, Christian Zeller, Hisyar Özsoy, Israel Dutra, Sam Wainwright, Phil Hearse, Howie Hawkins.

(PDF version – also available as paperback)

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