Until My Freedom Has Come


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The pieces in this volume voice the rage and helplessness sweeping through the Kashmir Valley, while also offering rare insights into the lives of those caught in the crossfire. With contributions from journalists, academics and artists, this book is a timely collection of some of the most exciting writing that has recently emerged from within Kashmir, and about it.

About the author

Sanjay Kak is an independent documentary filmmaker whose recent work reflects his interests in ecology, alternatives and resistance politics. His films ‘Jashn-e-Azadi’ (How we celebrate freedom) about the struggle for Azadi-freedom-in Kashmir, and ‘Words on Water’ about the struggle against large dams in the Narmada valley in central India, have been widely screened both in India and abroad. ‘Words on Water’ (2003) won Best Long Film prize at the International Festival of Environmental Film & Video, Brazil. ‘In the forest hangs a bridge’ (1999) received the “Golden Lotus” for Best Documentary Film at the 1999 National Film Awards in India and the “Asian Gaze” Award at the Pusan Short Film Festival, Korea. He is based in New Delhi.


‘Here is a book that rips through the falsehoods and false noise that
has deepened the silence about Kashmir. It shows moral courage and intellectual integrity. Here, finally, Kashmiris tell their own stories, analyse their own situation and dream their own dreams. And they do it bravely and beautifully.’ —Arundhati Roy

‘Bludgeoned into isolation, while the world looked away, and then shrouded by deliberate misinformation, Kashmir has struggled to make itself heard; the very human aspirations of Kashmiris for dignity and strength and their great pain and anguish have been consistently misrepresented. No more: this book marks the pivotal moment when, using carefully chosen words as well as choreographed mass politics, a brave and resourceful new generation of Kashmiris is finally shattering the Valley’s long solitude.’ —Pankaj Mishra

‘This book represents a clarion call for peace, freedom and stability in a region brutalised by mindless violence and killing; highly recommended reading for politicians, policy makers, academics, journalists and lay-people alike.’ —Muhammad Khan

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