Wars of the 21st Century


An activist intellectual like Noam Chomsky, Ignacio Ramonet is an internationally recognised and respected journalist and editor of the prestigious Le Monde Diplomatique (published monthly with the Guardian newspaper from Britain). For the first time, this articulate and radical voice is presented to English language readers discussing the fundamental global issues at stake in the recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo and elsewhere.

This book provides a vital and up-to-the-minute European view of the current U.S. war drive and warns of the dangers inherent in neoliberal globalisation, which he describes as planetary social war: “We can’t be satisfied with a planet where some inhabitants live in prosperity while millions of others live in the most appalling misery.” The solution, he says, is for civil society to reclaim its place as the key protagonist on the international political stage.

“A characteristically wise and thoughtful review of the state of the world, coupled with an incisive analysis of its likely fate if the prevailing tendencies so skillfully explored here are not sharply reversed.”—Noam Chomsky

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