Writings from the Frontline: Vol. 2, Selected articles 2009-14


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By Jim McIlroy

This is the second collection of articles, as part of a series, from Green Left Weekly (now Green Left) by veteran Australian socialist Jim McIlroy. They deal with the ongoing fight against capitalism and for radical social change, and span the period 2009-2014.
The articles range from interviews and reports on key Australian political events; interviews and reviews of struggles by Aboriginal leaders for Indigenous liberation in this country; first-hand coverage of the Bolivarian revolution in Venezuela, headed by inspirational leader then-President Hugo Chavez; reports on environmental campaigns, including the struggle against coal seam gas and the disastrous WestConnex tollway in Sydney; and a particular focus on the ongoing battles against privatisation of public assets, including Medicare, public housing and the power industry in NSW.
The collection covers a wide range of topics, highlighting the vital role of Green Left as the premier socialist publication in Australia, and as an organising voice for the building of a broad, radical eco-socialist movement in this country.

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